Thursday, March 18, 2010

I’ve Got Full Stock Of Thoughts And Dreams That Scatter

Awhile ago, Zam had a barbeque at his place.

He actually has barbeques at his place pretty often, mostly when he feels like we all need to catch up or when someone is back from overseas and it’s usually very chill. We just eat, drink, talk, laugh, play stupid drinking games and generally, have a blast with each other.

A barbeque at Zam’s ALWAYS has lamb, sausages (the ones with cheese in them is mine and Ling’s favourite!) and of course, booze.

For this barbeque, Zam upped the booze factor.


He brought out the beer bong.

That’s not Zam btw, that’s Vivek. Lol.

For those of you who don’t know how a beer bong works (I didn’t until that day!), you pour a can (or two) of beer into the funnel at the top,


the guy who will be drinking the beer stands at the other end of the beer bong like so,


then he puts his mouth around the bottom of the beer bong and opens the “tap”, which is the red thing Sanjiv is holding on to, and the beer flows into your mouth at top speed and you have to gulp all the beer down coz if you don’t, it’s just going to flow out all over your face and shirt!

It’s seriously crazy! Imagine drinking a can of beer in like, 20 seconds! And it was so amusing watching all the guys take a shot at the beer bong!

And of course, Zam being Zam, made ALL the guys do the beer bong at least once!


I’m absolutely sure that Ajim had AT LEAST 10 cans of beer that night on top of whiskey and sangria!


Ajim on his way to being the most drunk person at Zam’s barbeque that night.


Nazim only had one, maybe two cans of beer, because he was “going to play futsal”.


Zam was mean and made Sanjiv drink more than he wanted to!

Didn’t get pictures of the other guys but seriously, it’s super fun to watch them do it!








Lol @ Ajim’s and Zam’s faces!

I think they were quite tipsy at this point!


But look at the amount of liquor on the table! It’s no wonder everyone was tipsy that night!

Zam! Hahahahahaha!






*aherm* Get a room??! :D

We’ve had heaps of good barbeques at Zam’s place, but this one was particularly awesome, I had so much fun and I’m going to miss this SO MUCH when I’m in Perth.

And btw, Zam makes THE BEST sangria.

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