Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And I Know That We Can Be So Amazing

There are two significant events that happen in high school that every teenager looks forward to.

First is of course, prom and the second, is their Sweet 16 party.

In more recent years, turning 16 has become somewhat of a rite of passage for every teenager.

Whether you are a girl or a boy, fat or skinny, rich or poor, whether you decide to splurge on a huge and lavish party or have a small dinner with your family, turning sixteen has become a milestone every teenager wants to celebrate in their life.

It’s been awhile since my friends and I celebrated our 16th birthdays so I’ve almost forgotten the excitement that surrounds turning 16.

About two weeks ago, Mariam celebrated her Sweet 16.


The theme of her party was old Hollywood glamour and it was held at the Grand Millenium hotel in KL.

You’ll get to see the decor of the place a little more in a bit, but I have to admit, I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have! Sorry guys!


The whole night, everyone kept asking me if I had driven to the hotel.

As you can see, no, I did not drive to the hotel because I don’t know my way around KL.

Here I am, admitting it on my blog. I do not know how to get to Pavillion or even KLCC, from my house.

Whoever wants to make fun of me, can make fun of me now.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the next couple of pictures are of Mariam cutting her cake BUT you can KINDA see the decor too! :D


Mariam’s cake had a Chanel bag on the top of it coz Chanel is her favourite designer.

And if you look carefully, the flashing lights in the background are actually in the shape of an M for Mariam! So cute!

The HOLLYWOOD + stars sign was the main backdrop and if you see the balloons just below it, there was a board underneath the balloons with black and white pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn etc and Mariam stuck on it. :)


Dress code was formal, duh. Hollywood glam, hello!

Everyone looked so good that night! All the boys in suits and all the girls in dresses!



Happy Sweet 16 Mariam!

Her cake was gorgeous! These pictures totally don’t do justice to the cake!

And of course, no Sweet 16 party is complete without dancing!


Mariam and her boyfriend Aiman on the dance floor. The both of them are so cute together!

And um, that’s all the pictures I have of the dancing that night. Lol!

I’m sorry okay! I know I should have taken more pictures! :p


With Alia who looked absolutely gorgeous that night!

Colour is a bit off in this picture coz the flash was waaaaayyy too bright and I tried fixing it but I couldn’t get it right no matter how hard I tried!

Hey, that rhymed! :p


Victor. :)


With Tash and her uber cool, power shoulders dress!

And btw, if you’re wondering why Mariam and Tash aren’t wearing any shoes, it’s because most of the girls took their heels off when the dancing started. Lol.


Sonia, me and Alethea.

You can kinda see the table settings in this picture too! :D Pretty right?

So I didn’t manage to take pictures with everyone, but how pretty do all the girls look?!?? And how awesome are all the dresses?!??

Shit, I wish I had taken more pictures now!



You have to remember that they ARE still only 16!

However, I wouldn’t put it past MY friends who are turning 21 to do this to a friend of theirs too. Lol.

I guess some things never change no matter how old you get!


A serious picture with the boys,


and a funny one too because they all looked so handsome that night!

This is completely and totally random, but I’m actually really happy with the friends my brother hangs around with. :)

They’re all good kids and they all know how to have fun and enjoy themselves but mostly, it’s great to see that my brother has friends who have his back just like my friends have mine.


For all the Bryan fans out there, this one is for you! Lol!



Wouldn’t be a Hollywood themed party without SOME drama right? Hahahaha!

This backdrop was at the entrance of the ballroom.

Everyone took a picture with Mariam here and the picture was printed out for you to take home. Such a good idea!


Bryan and his balloon. Lol!


With my brother. :)

My dress is from this boutique in Bangsar. I’ve forgotten the name of the boutique, sorry guys!


Silver and black smoky eye makeup for the night.

What say you? Would you like a tutorial on this look? :)

So just for fun, because writing this post made me feel all nostalgic, I dug up some old pictures of MY Sweet 16.

Before you go on, please let me say that these pictures are REALLY old!

Enjoy yourselves! Lol.

Sweet 16 2


Sweet 16 3

Clockwise from the top: Manda, Ling, me, Riam, M and Quin.

Yes, I actually remember which foot belongs to whom!

I’m about 99% sure that I’m right!

And if you’re wondering how I know, it’s coz I know my friends and I know their style and I can just kinda guess who would wear which shoe. :D

Sweet 16 4

Wow, I really cannot get over how young we look.

M, Dave, Ling, Colin, Siang and Zheng.

Sweet 16 5

Gorgeous then, gorgeous now.

M, Manda and Ling.

sweet 16 6

All the boys! OMG! SOOOOO YOUNG!



Sweet 16

And the girls. :)

Please ignore my face in this picture, I want to slap myself too.

My Sweet 16 party was one of the most memorable events in my whole life. Up till today, I remember the smallest details that made my Sweet 16 so special. :)

Little things like going shopping with the girls for our outfits, getting my makeup done at the Giorgio Armani counter, getting my invitations designed by Manda, celebrating my Sweet 16 surrounded by beautiful paintings at the Taksu Gallery, being surrounded by all these people whom I loved, dancing with my dad, being thrown into the pool, being given the most romantic surprise by my boyfriend. My Sweet 16 was in a word, amazing.

Mariam, I hope yours was as memorable as mine was. You looked beautiful that night and it was a beautiful party.

And Chelsey, I really hope you’re reading this! Hi! :D Hope you’re doing well in Australia!

To everyone else reading this, if you have not yet turned 16, celebrate it. I promise you it will be something to remember. :)


Anonymous said...

omg love love love your dress!! post more pics of it!! :)

Stylicious Fashionista said...

Love your shoes! Where are they from?


cheerleader said...

Anonymous: Thank you. :) Okay, will do a dailydress for it alright?

Stylicious Fashionista: Thanks! They're from Nose. :)

Ashley said...



Anonymous said...

Hey :) Can you ask your friend Mariam where she got her ABSOLUTELY gorgeous yet simple dress :) I have a party and the theme is 'turquiose' :) Thank you so much! Lovely dress btw :)

cheerleader said...

Ashley: Yup, definitely! :) Thanks btw!

Anonymous: Thank you! And sure, I'll ask her and let you know alright? :)

Chia Chien Teng said...

Crap lah why must my 16th birthday be right before the Mid Year exams damnnit haha.


Chia Chien Teng said...

And omg Shanni & I were SUPPOSED to go but we didn't damnnit again lol.

Tash said...

anonymous, i believe the dress is from Warehouse:)
OMG KIM AHAHHAA CHELSEY:) i miss her too, lol :P oh and the photobooth images are on my profile! :)

*pandaaa said...

Hi Kimmie!

One: You got it 100% right! Those are the right feet, and yeah we all had different styles in high school. Even now!

I need to start dressing in outfits OTHER than black, white and grey -.-"

Two: I totally forgot I designed your invitations for your 16th! Do you still have a copy? I kinda forgot what it looked like, OTHER than it was pink somewhere. Haha

Three: SO good catching up that day. Love you and miss you already! I'm coming over to swag some accessories and pass you the rosebud earrings too:)


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Your eye make-up is gorgeous to the max. You have to teach us :( Pretty please? Haha.

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