Monday, May 4, 2009

How About A Round Of Applause?

Hello world! Been awhile since I last blogged. Heh. Sorry? So much has been happening! Last week was a bit of a blur for me coz so many things were happening at once. I'm actually sitting here, trying to remember what I did all of last week.

As you all already know, last Monday, Marcus Lim, Chee Wei, Cheng Choo, Priscilla and I went to Penang to visit some high schools to talk to them about cheer (what cheerleading is all about, how to start a team etc etc) and give them a small stunt/cheer demonstration. We visited 8 schools and talked/did the same thing at ALL these schools! By the 5th school, I was already feeling really tired and it was getting a TAD boring. :p It was also a bit difficult for me because we visited some chinese schools and I was the only one who didn't speak Mandarin. So everyone had to keep translating for me. Lol. Overall, I think it was a very productive day and I'm glad we got the chance to go and speak to all these schools. Many of them expressed an interest in starting a cheerleading team! So excited! Cheerleading is really growing in Malaysia!

After we finished going to all 8 schools, they took us for some AMAZING Penang food to make up for the shitty lunch that we had. Chee Cheong Fun, Asam Laksa, Curry Laksa, YUMMMM! :D

On Tuesday, as tired as I was, I dragged my ass out of bed and went for class. But maybe I shouldn't have because when I came home, my maid had run away and stolen my laptop and money. *sigh* The money isn't too big a deal but I was absolutely DEVASTATED about my laptop! All my pictures, videos and work was in there and NO, I DID NOT HAVE A BACK UP!

So that should excuse me from not blogging for a week because I have no laptop. I'm currently on the desktop which I absolutely hate to use. I should be getting my new laptop by next week though, so fingers crossed! Getting another VAIO btw.

My maid running away is actually a very long, very complicated story which I really can't be bothered to go into here. Maybe I'll save the story for another day. At the moment, I'm not completely over her running away and stealing my laptop yet. Lol.

On Wednesday, I just stayed home and read and watched DVDs coz I was so upset! Ling and Sam were real sweethearts and came over to surprise me to check up on me and cheer me up. :) Thank you my babies, I love you both! Was supposed to go out with them but I had to wait for my mum to come home and then we had to go for dinner coz it was my grandpa's birthday. Mmmmm. Japanese!

Went for class on Thursday and then met up with Zam, Ling, Sam and Gan afterwards for lunch at The Curve. I haven't seen Gan since Ling's birthday so it was good to catch up over lunch! He's still as funny as ever and whenever we all get together, it's like we never left high school! After lunch, Sam and I, shopaholics that we are, lined up for 45 minutes to get into the Zara/Massimo Dutti/Pull and Bear warehouse sale. The both of us managed to snag some real bargains. Zara turtleneck for 20 bucks! Whoooo! Had to rush home because I had to be in OU by 5.30pm to practice for the MODA show. Was a bit late. Heh. :p Sorry Kheen Ho! But it didn't matter in the end coz the MODA show started SUPER LATE anyway! We were SUPPOSED to start at 7pm, we ended up performing at 9pm. Malaysian timing sucks! I am never doing another MODA show ever again! On top of starting late, they also MAJOR MESSED UP our music! So annoyed! Mummy and daddy came to watch the performance though! :) Makes me happy when they're there. :)

Video of the performance below!

Friday was another early day because we were driving up to Frasers Hill in the M3. It was the most lovely drive ever! Although really, I think convertibles are SO overrated! They mess up your hair! And the sound of the wind blowing in your ears is terrible! We stopped at Bentong for some fabulous beef ball noodles before going up Frasers Hill. Driving up Frasers Hill was a real thrill because the M3 is really powerful and daddy was driving really fast. I absolutely loved it! Had lunch at the Smokehouse something. I can't remember the name of the place but it was so English! I loved it! And the Irish chicken I had for lunch was super yums too! Drove back down after lunch and had a quiet dinner at home.

Went shopping with mummy on Saturday for some mother daughter quality time. :) We haven't done that in quite awhile because I've been busy every weekend so I'm glad I had this weekend free.

Yesterday, gymnastics in the afternoon and then the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards at night. For those of you who didn't know, the T4YP group were nominated for Best Group Performance. We didn't win though. But who cares?!? Being nominated was honour enough! 5 nominees out of 38 plays! I'd say that was a achievement in itself. :) I thought the BCAA was very well organized and I'm so glad I managed to go! Pictures when I grab them from FB. :p Had tons of fun and it was good to catch up with all the T4YP-ers! Congratulations to all the winners! I think that Air Con should have won more awards! :p

Anyway! I'm off. Got some errands to run!

Btw, got my credit card last week! :D :D

And also, I bough diamantes at The Curve last week and I bling-ed my Nintendo DS Lite! :D I'll post pictures soon!

Bye ya'll!


cm said...

the cheer was awesome :D and stunners too! im not from sri kdu btw, but my team has always been a big fan of stunners! :D

Kat said...
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Kat said...

Busy as ALWAYS. Boy do we need a catch up girl! The cheer looked AMAZING! I assume you are the one with the shorter hair? The quality sucks lah! Haha 'lah'. Anyways. Speak soon? Miss you so bad! Loove you! xxxx

cheerleader said...

CM: Awww, thank you. :) You're so sweet. :)

Kat: YES, WE NEED TO CATCH UP! I MISS YOU! This was actually a bad performance. :p Everyone on the team is furious that I posted it up! Hahaha! And yes, I'm the one with short hair, duh! And good on you with the lah's! Lol! Speak soon baby! Love you too! xoxoxo

liyen said...

wahahahhahahaha omgg LOL man the moda show :D

the double was OMGG i didn't expect that it will look like that, ewkkk.. ><

cheerleader said...

Liyen! LOL! You are seriously damn funny lah.